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Fibre Optic Communication Solutions

At Fibre Technologies, we enable you to cope with the increasing demand for greater network bandwidth, which is stressing communications infrastructures.

Established since 1990, we have been working with a range of companies in different industries to provide Fibre optic communication solutions.

Our Fibre optic communication products and services allow telecommunications carriers, ISPs, universities and IT infrastructure providers to alleviate congestion within existing networks, by providing innovative solutions to overcome capacity limitations.

We provide a full range of products, services and solutions, including copper to copper, copper to Fibre, optical multiplexers, test and measurement solutions, networking IP and much more. All of our services and solutions are backed by extensive logistical and technical service support, including training, auditing and installation for clients.

We work closely with our customers to provide a professional advice and installation service at all stages and we offer more than just products and services. Using in-house knowledge and understanding, we are able to help customers with any commercial or technical issues which may arise.

For more information. Call Fibre Technologies on 01344 752222 or email sales@fibre.co.uk

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“We enjoy a long standing relationship and work well with the team at Fibre Technologies. They approach our business in a professional manner and are very helpful and easy to deal with”

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