275-Active WDM Modules
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Active WDM Modules include C-band Optical Monitoring, Dispersion Compensation Modules at 100GHz, Optical Switch and Accessories. These components are used to create customized WDM solutions with the Fiber DriverĀ®.


  • EM316DCM

    SMF28 slope matched multi-channel C-Band Chromatic DCM Dispersion Compensation Module (50GHz and 100GHz DWDM ITU Grid) 

  • EM316OSA-40DC21

    Optical Spectrum Analyzer, DWDM, C-band (ITU channels 21-60)

  • EM316OSSH

    Optical Switch, self-healing

  • EM316-OSW8

    Optical Selector Switch, 8-to-1

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