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The OptiPacket® metro service edge platform builds on our broader strategy to empower the optical edge by accelerating packet optical convergence with innovative hardware and intelligent software. The OptiPacket series positioned for the convergence, intelligence, and high capacity aggregation needed for next-generation Metro networks.

The new OptiPacket® (OP-X) series combines the field-proven technology and expertise of MRV's optical and packet product families into an all-in-one, highly flexible, intelligent architecture. Our vision is to help service providers to simplify and converge their networks, by optimizing the platform for packet-only, optical-only and converged packet-optical networks, MRV is enabling service providers to seamlessly deliver multi-layer services over the same metro service edge. This, along with the solution's industry-leading bandwidth capacity, port density and power efficiency, makes it easier for service providers to manage unpredictable bandwidth demand and create a strong foundation for software-defined networking (SDN), network functions virtualization (NFV) and consequently enable metro network transformation.

Capitalizing on the latest innovations in packet and optical technologies, the new OptiPacket® platform offers outstanding efficiency and intelligence to support ultra-high-density 10Gbps and 100 Gbps interfaces. Service providers are able to deploy the OptiPacket® platform as a packet-only solution in high-capacity mega POPs for broadband aggregation applications, or utilize it as an optical-only OTN platform for the transport and management of multiprotocol telecom networks. The flexibility of the OptiPacket® platform is fully maximized when used as a converged packet-optical solution, as features from multiple layers can be combined according to a service provider's network demands.

OptiPacket® Key Advantages

  • Enables highly flexible all-in-one intelligent architecture for various services
  • Extends 100G Carrier Etherent services to access and metro service edge
  • Common network architecture enables consistent feature/functionality, including ability to provide all three VPN services over the same Metro Service Edge Platform
  • Industry leading non-blocking density and capacity
    • Large scale universal switch fabric for packet and OTN services
    • Industry leading power efficiency
  • Innovative programmable architecture to pave the way to SDN/NFV migrations and future software-driven services
  • End-to-end optical/Ethernet/MPLS Solution
  • Highly integrated with the MRV OptiSwitch® Carrier Ethernet 2.0 access solutions and Pro-Vision® comprehensive service delivery software to enable end-to-end multilayer provisioning and Operation, Administration and Maintenance (OA&M).

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