391-4-Ch E1/ T1 Fiber Multiplexer
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The FMUX04 is a 1U half 19 stand-alone or rack mountable point-to-point multiplexer for 4*E1 or 4*T1 (selectable) transmissions over a single fiber optic link. Its half-rack format makes it ideal for low cost multiplexing applications that require up to 4-channel. All channels provide completely transparent transmission of E1 or T1 regardless of frame mode, clock source or timeslot assignment. Available in either AC or DC models, the AC supplies operate from 100~240VAC while DC supplies operate from 18~72VDC. A wide range of transceiver selection provides fiber connection with SC, FC or ST type connectors in multimode or single mode and at distance from 2 to 120km as well as BiDi (single fiber) at distances of 20, 40, 60, or 80km. Additional options include Order Wire phone connection (FXS port) and a SNMP management.


  • 1U stand-alone unit
  • Channel service setting and remote loop-back setting via front panel DIP switch or serial console
  • Far End Fault (FEF) on fiber link, selectable
  • On-line Bit Error Rate monitor feature with four error-rate classes
  • Dual color LEDs indicators
  • Optional dedicated Order Wire phone port (FXS, RJ-11 port)
  • Console port and one alarm relay
  • Optional SNMP management, Telnet, and Web Based local and remote configuration
  • System BER 10-11

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