Fibre Technologies offers customers a professional technical installation resource, from initial sales enquiries, commissioningand post-sales support.

Pre-sales Support:

From your first contact with Fibre Technologies, you will realise why our customers return time after time. Far from being a product shop, we make a point of understanding your business and the issues you are trying to solve, to recommend the solution that best suits your needs. We aim to partner with our customers and foster long-term relationships by providing:

Technology Guidance and training

Application mentoring

Understanding of potential technical issues

A dedicated team to respond to queries

Technology Mentoring:

As part of our value-add ethos, we offer free technology mentoring to help customers stay up to date with current technology advances and deal with business challenges more efficiently. Support includes:

Product Training

Understanding of customers applications and solutions for rapid resolution of problems

Dedicated support engineers

Installation and Commissioning:

With the constant pressure to reduce costs and realise a quicker return on investment, many of our customers require a virtual installation and technical resource for product installation and commissioning. We meet this need by providing rapid product delivery, installation and commissioning.

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“Fibre Technologies always takes a highly professional approach to any task set. The team exhibits self confidence that is vital to the successful performance of its role and has inspired the respect and trust of others within the industry. FTL has displayed outstanding verbal and written communication skills, which together with its attention to detail makes the company a worthwhile member of any project.”

- Estates Office Network Engineer, University of Warwick -

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