The EDX1000lite is an unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet media converter, which offers an economical copper to fibre optic signal conversion. As Ethernet has evolved into the most widely implemented physical and link layer protocol today, more and more services are delivered on Ethernet infra-structure. As bandwidth demand is growing, Gigabit Ethernet to the customer satisfies today needs for broadband access. Fibre optic connections allow long-haul Ethernet-links to spread Gigabit Ethernet services into a wide area. EDX1000lite is an easy to install and easy to operate device, which saves costs and energy. In case of signal loss of fibre optic port, an alarm-output is triggered for external use, so failures can easily be detected and problem location is quickly done. As part of arcutronix Multi Service Platform EDX1000lite can be housed in small footprint single-slot housing or 19 rack to achieve high density on small footprint.


  • Gigabit Ethernet converter: 1000BaseT to 1000Base-LX
  • Compact design
  • Support of Jumbo-Frames
  • Different FO options on demand
  • Compact 3RU rack mount card


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