EZ-Bend® Fibre Cable

Multiple Tier 1 Communications Services Providers in North America and Europe have deployed EZ-Bend cabling and InvisiLight Solutions to Millions of subscribers since the launch of EZ-Bend cabling in 2009.

EZ-Bend® Indoor and Outdoor Cable Solutions

With EZ-Bend Ruggedized Cables, users have expanded options for MDU, in-home wiring and aggressive, space-constrained routing environments. When a low profile and durability are needed, select the 3.0 mm product. For more demanding deployments, the EZ-Bend 4.8 Ruggedized Cable is ideal. EZ-Bend Ruggedized Cables are purposefully designed for installations indoor, outdoor and inside risers. These cables can be routed around sharp corners and stapled using traditional fast and easy installation practices, with negligible signal loss, and are available with a complete set of terminals, modules and cables for any type of building and living unit.


EZ-Bend Ruggedized Cable

  • EZ-Bend G.657.B3 Optical Fiber with a 2.5mm bend radius -twice as tight as the industry standard.
  • Backwards compatible with G.652.D fiber,
  • Offered as factory-connectorized and tested assemblies or Reel-in-the-Box,
  • 3.0mm or 4.8mm diameter ruggedized cordage including a tonable option,
  • 100 lb pull tension, enabled by aramid strength members
  • Rated for indoor distribution, outdoor including underground and risers,
  • Can be secured using zip ties, staples or clips,
  • Plenum and dual-rated low-smoke zero-halogen (LSZH) construction with fire ratings including UL, Plenum and Europe CPR (Construction Products Regulation) certification

Why Choose EZ-Bend Insensitive Fibre Cable?

Because you can Staple, Tie, Bend and Coil it


Staple It

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Tie It

corner bend

Bend It

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Coil It

EZ-Bend Ruggedized Cables are used in the following applications:

  • Drop Cables: Underground drop cable options include the single fiber EZ-Bend 3.0 mm and 4.8 mm Ruggedized Cables and EZ-Bend Toneable Cables. The toneable cables enable easy above ground locating of buried cables to help avoid cable cuts when other underground systems are installed. These drop cables are installed from the aerial terminal down the pole to the ground, and are then buried to minimize disruption to landscaping, or pulled into existing duct. The cable is then connected into a demarcation box installed at the side of the house, ideally in a location close to the Optical Network Terminal (ONT).
  • Multifiber Drop Bundles: Multifiber Drop Bundles provide the added benefit of saving time in installation by pulling 5, 6 or 12 assemblies at one time. These Multifiber Drop Bundles feature the ruggedized 4.8 mm Indoor/Outdoor cable and are placed on the outside of the building. The coils are located at each of the windows of the living unit where each individual end connectorized end will enter the living unit through the window seal connecting to the ONT. The un-connectorized end of the bundle is spliced into a Fiber Distribution Terminal (FDT), located at either ground level or on top of the building.
  • Ruggedized Assemblies or Cordage: The EZ-Bend Ruggedized Assemblies are factory connectorized cables designed to withstand stapling while exhibiting negligible bend loss to help save time and money on installation. The innovative design conquers sharp corners without the need for bend management and is ideal for MDU indoor and outdoor drops to connect to the ONT inside the living unit, or for drop cabling to and into homes or commercial buildings. On the other hand, EZ-Bend Ruggedized Cables are also available for bulk purchase as Reel-in-the-Box when installers prefer to cut custom lengths using fusion splicing for in-field splicing or mechanical connectors.

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