Air & Sea Ports

Fibre Technologies provides solutions to a number of the UK’s busiest ports for which we have provided Radar, Infrastructure and Software Solutions.

Navtech Radar

Navtech Radar is a world-leading innovator, award-winning designer and manufacturer of commercially deployed radar solutions.
Its ground-breaking technology is utilised by clients across industry sectors, including Security Surveillance, Industrial Automation and Traffic Safety.

The Advance Guard high-definition radar security surveillance solution is an innovative alternative to high-cost manned guarding and provides a reliable, low cost solution that delivers continuous automatic perimeter surveillance. From small sites to large complex compounds, Advance Guard provides the most comprehensive security surveillance system available. It is ideal for applications such as airport surveillance, critical national infrastructure and commercial installations.

The rules-based system can be adapted and features can be added to suit the needs of each individual sites. The all-weather radar system can detect, track and identify the exact location of any threats. By detecting both inside and beyond the perimeter, it can identify potential intruders before they can enter the site at any time of day or night.


RAJANT Mesh Networks

Partnering with Rajant, Fibre Technologies are able to deliver wireless connectivity in the most challenging locations, providing fully mobile broadband connectivity that is simple, instantaneous and fail-proof, giving you a resilient mesh network solutions that moves and evolves with your connectivity demands.

Using a combination of ‘Breadcrumb’ wireless network nodes and software, Rajant wireless networks employ any node to any node capabilities to continuously and instantaneously route data via the best available traffic path for any number of nodes, all with extremely low overhead.

Compatible with any Wi-Fi or Ethernet connected device, the Rajant mesh network delivers low-latency, high-throughput data, voice and video applications, across the meshed, self-healing network.

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