With a history dating all the way back to Alexander Graham Bell, OFS has been at the forefront of optical telecommunications for decades.

Headquartered in the United States outside of Atlanta Georgia, OFS is a world-leading designer, manufacturer and provider of optical fiber, optical fiber cable, connectivity, FTTX and specialty photonics solutions.

OFS is part of Furukawa Electric Company, a multi-billion dollar corporation that has been in operation since 1884. Since it achieved a world first in finding practical application for optical fiber cables in 1974, the Furukawa Electric Group has offered an extensive lineup of products as one of the world’s leading optical fiber manufacturers.

Their technological heritage includes one of the earliest commercial productions of optical fibers, as well as some of the earliest market offerings for many of the fiber optic products that meet today’s industry standards. This legacy includes application specific fiber, optical connectors, ribbon cables, attenuators, hard clad silica fibers and dozens of additional breakthroughs that enabled the fiber optics revolution. As broadband networks are being disseminated on a global basis, FEC and OFS together have utilized leading-edge telecommunication technologies to the fullest to contribute to the development of next-generation communication networks.

Supporting all these initiatives is OFS Laboratories. Bred from the technological heritage of Bell Labs and Furukawa Electric Company, OFS Labs delivers best in class research and development to maintain our cutting edge leadership and to give value to our customers and shareholders. OFS Labs continues to outpace the competition in design, material research and application development.

Fibre Technologies supplies a wide range of customers with OFS’ EZ Bend and Invisilight products.  View our information pages below to learn more.

EZ-Bend® Fibre Cable

OFS EZBend® Optical Technology simplifies installations by allowing cables to be bent and routed in ways never before feasible

InvisiLight® Solutions

In 2012, OFS revolutionised the deployment of discrete and easily installable solutions for buildings and homes with InvisiLight® Solutions.

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