Fibre Technologies & BMC TV Go For Gold

Fibre Technologies Ltd (FTL) and BMC TV recently joined forces to bring the Tokyo Paralympics 2021 to Channel 4 for UK viewers.

Earlier in 2021, BMC TV approached FTL for a solution to carry compressed video feeds halfway across the globe for a major event that would be broadcast later in the year on UK TV. The requirement was for 1GB Fibre connectivity with redundant fail-over in case of any unexpected connectivity failures, as this would be a critical connection that warranted maximum uptime.

FTL proposed a tried and trusted solution using products via one of their main manufacturing partners (ADVA) that would not only meet all the requirements but would also be low power consumption, very reliable, easy to setup and configure, whilst still being highly cost effective.

BMC TV were happy with the proposal and engaged in a hands-on setup learning curve prior to departure to Japan, so that they could work directly with their equipment on site. Subsequently they were confident that it would deliver the critical requirements.

The final solution provided two 1G connections between Tokyo and London, which each going opposite directions around the world using 3 x ADVA XG108s – 1 in Tokyo and 2 in London.

The result of this joint venture produced the live streams shown on Channel 4 from 24th August 2021 through 5th  September 2021.

BMC TV based in Greenford, London was set-up to provide specialist connectivity solutions for high profile international sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup football, Commonwealth Games and the Olympics. They were one of the first private companies to offer broadcasters a one-stop shop for their international and domestic bandwidth, including equipment, people and support.

Fibre Technologies Ltd (FTL) based in Berkshire, are a highly accredited, multi division, solutions integrator, who specialise in providing the best possible solutions using the latest technology from our chosen partners. We are a financially independent company with a customer base spanning Telco’s, ISP’s, MSP’s, Mod/Government, Education, Industrial and enterprise clients.

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