Gyron Internet has undergone rapid expansion in the last few years with a new data centre in Slough and a second added to its Headquarters in Hemel Hempstead.

These sites offer their customers state of the art data centre facilities and are also linked to co-location sites in London with Gyron’s own dark fibre. The company required additional DWDM connectivity to service these new sites and offer flexible high capacity diverse bandwidth between all sites on an ‘any to any’ site basis.


FTL Solution

FTL proposed replacing the current point to point DWDM links with a more powerful ROADM (reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer) solution from MRV communications.

The ring topology employed means that all sites are fully diversely connected and there is also full hardware redundancy at each site giving assured service delivery.

The management and provisioning of the network is handled by MRV’s powerful Pro-Vision NMS with its comprehensive and intuitive graphical interface.



Gyron now has the ability to offer high bandwidth between any and all of its current sites and the flexibility to add new sites and additional bandwidth rapidly as requirements demand. This is of particular importance to their customers who are involved with cloud computing solutions.

The combination of dark fibre diversity together with hardware redundancy means their network is robust and secure.

Combined with ease of expansion and management, Gyron now have a future proof communications system that compliments their outstanding data centre and power facilities providing 100% availability SLAs.


Customer Feedback

“Fibre Technologies has assisted Gyron for many years and can always be depended on to propose the most appropriate solutions as our requirements have grown. They offer a wide range of products together with expertise and support that is second to none.”

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