Zamir Telecom


Founded by Mr Naufal Zamir in 2004, Zamir Telecom was set up to provide low cost, dependable voice and data connectivity solutions worldwide.

In Q2 of 2009, it became clear that a “gateway” solution was needed to make better and more innovative use of their STM long haul links and voice compression gateways.

FTL Solution

After application assessment and consultation, Fibre Technologies identified the best fit for Zamir Telecom in the form of Loop Telecom’s O9400R SDH System. Being highly modular and cost effective, this could be configured for the number of STM Streams and E1 ports desired, plus have addition expansion capacity for future growth. In addition to this, a later expansion to the core infrastructure in 2010 identified the need to cross-connect and terminate DS0 from E1 ports and channels to a signalling processor. The Loop Telecom AM3440 was identified as the best fit in terms of current and projected needs and is employed for specialised signal handling.


The Loop O9400R Multiplexer provided a core SDH cross-connect system ideal for Zamir Telecom’s networking needs from day one. Since 2007, Zamir Telecom have been using the Loop O9400R as the core Multiplexer system for terminating STM16, STM4 and STM1 long haul SDH capacities in London, Nigeria and India. Zamir’s Head of Technical Services Sarwar Alam is glad to state that Fibre Technologies have proven their service excellence in the long term with a good business relationship, which is highly appreciated.

Customer Feedback

“The support they received from Fibre Technologies has been first class and has helped Zamir Telecom right from the start. Their initial infrastructure of two STM-1 and multiple E1’s within the voice network has grown to the expansive systems in use today, carrying thousands of long distance voice calls reliably.” Mr Sarwar Alam, Head of Technical Services

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