Fibre Technologies supports Atlantic adventurer

Crowthorne – 20 November 2008:Fibre Technologies Ltd, a fibre optic communications specialist, has announced it will sponsor James Ketchell, a man told he’d never row again after a motorbike accident, as he crosses the Atlantic Ocean in aid of charity. James will be taking part in the 2,931-mile Atlantic Rowing Race in December 2009, where he will raise money for the NSPCC.

The race is one of the toughest nautical challenges, which tests both the physical, mental strength and endurance of rowers, starting from La Gomera in the Canary Islands and finishing in Antigua, West Indies. James, will be aiming to complete the race in 70 days in a 21ft long, self-righting boat.

The race may seem impossible to most, but James says the prospect of raising money for the NSPCC Full Stop Campaign is motivation enough to complete it. He explains, “Last year I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident and told that I would never row again. This gave me the motivation to push myself to prove the doctors wrong and competing in the Atlantic Rowing Race is a challenge I have always wanted to pursue.”

Ian Hunt, managing director at Fibre Technologies adds, “We are happy to be supporting James in his bid to race across the Atlantic and are proud to sponsor him as he raises money for such a worthwhile cause.”

James will also be attending the Sail Power & Water Show in Earls Court with his boat from 25-30 November 2008 and anyone looking to sponsor him should visit


About Fibre Technologies

Fibre Technologies Ltd (FTL) enables companies to cope with the increasing demand for greater network bandwidth. Its fibre optic communication products and services allow telecommunications carriers, ISPs, universities and IT infrastructure providers to alleviate congestion in existing networks by providing innovative solutions that overcome capacity limitations.

Founded in 1990, FTL works with its customers to understand their needs and anticipate market trends. The company’s technical expertise and market understanding, coupled with a focus on customer service has resulted in a customer base that includes BT, ntl:Telewest Business (Virgin Media), Logica, StorageTek, Subsea 7, IPC Media, Sun Microsystems and a number of top Universities and research facilities such as those at Bristol, Lancaster, Imperial College, Warwick and many others.

Fibre Technologies Supports NSPCC

The Challenge

To row the 2931 miles across the Atlantic ocean alone and unaided. This will involve 60 – 70 days in my boat with only myself and the deep blue ocean for company as I endeavour to cross from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to Antigua. Christopher Colombus followed a similar route when he discovered America back in 1492. He took just under 3 months to do it. With the help of the Trade Winds I hope to complete the crossing in a similar time when I set off in December 2009.

Incredible as it might seem we have sent more people into space and back than we have across the Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat,

Ocean rowing crossings are few and far between, indeed, more people have reached the summit of Mount Everest and have been into space than have rowed across one of the Earths Oceans. From 279 recorded port departures, just 174 crossings have been completed.

Further detail on how you could help please contacty James at;

About the NSPCC

The NSPCC aim is:

  • To mobilise everyone to take action to end child cruelty
  • To give children the help, support and environment they need to stay safe from cruelty.
  • To find ways of working with communities to keep children safe from cruelty.
  • To be, and be seen as, someone to turn to for children and young people.

The London Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children was established in 1884 by the Reverend Benjamin Waugh, a congregational minister who had worked in the slums of East London. In 1889 it changed its name to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Children.

Since its formation in 1884 the NSPCC has helped over 10m children.

Her Majesty the Queen is NSPCC Royal Patron. Queen Victoria was the first royal patron in 1889.

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