Transpacket sign FTL as their UK distribution partner


TRANSPACKET H1; a fusion networking add-drop muxponder

TransPacket addresses the increasing demand for high capacity and high quality optical network transport services, dynamic networking and management simplicity. TransPacket?s unique and patented Fusion Networking allows wavelength-grade Quality of Service (QoS): Ultra-low latency, ultra-low latency variation and zero packet loss, enabling transparent transport of e.g. synchronization information (IEEE1588) and high-quality video. Additionally, the high capacity utilization known from packet switching is achieved using statistical multiplexing on top of the circuits. Through combining circuit switching of packets and packet switching of packets within a single wavelength and without using time-slots, fusion networks combines the best properties of circuit and packet switching in a unique way.

Addressable markets and applications

Mobile backhaul
TransPacket H1 features important functionalities for mobile-backhaul. Ultra-low latency variation enables synchronization through transparent tunneling of IEEE1588 packets. Additionally, H1 supports SyncE (G.8262). Ultra-low latency and latency variation, as well as zero packet loss enable transport of QoS-demanding services, while statistically multiplexed packet transport at the same time, enables efficient utilization of resources in the network.

Metro network
A Metro network should be able to transport and aggregate traffic from a diverse type of services like e.g. mobile services, gigabit lines from business customers, aggregated traffic from DSLAM?s, High-quality video traffic for broadcasters, etc. The unique TransPacket fusion technology enables easy transport of all these services within a single wavelength. The Add/drop functionality of H1 allows aggregation and redundancy in a ring-network structure. Furthermore, the deep buffering of H1 enables efficient statistical multiplexed aggregation.

Efficient and secure business access
TransPacket H1 enables transparent transport of traffic from business customers. Fusion networking allows isolation between business customers, increasing security, performance and availability. Furthermore, a centralized approach for controlling the services increases simplicity, reducing OPEX. The H1 meets a set of requirements within the business segment, such as low latency, transparent transport layer, ease of operation and maintenance, rack space limitations, dual redundant power feeds, low power consumption and pluggable optics. It serves the growing bandwidth and QoS demands for numerous business applications through wavelength grade QoS and transparent GE lines along with optical diagnostic and protection capabilities. The unit comes with complete performance monitoring, and can be integrated in your existing management systems using CLI, SNMP, RMON and Netconf management.

CTC Union sign Fibre Technologies Limited as their distribution partner in the UK

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CTC Union’s global alliance is a network of worldwide branch
offices, partners and distributors from every continent. By forming
partnerships with major telecom operators, Internet Service providers and value
added resellers; CTC Union reduces costs and improves services for customers.
This alliance covers Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, plus North and
South America. This global partnership receives direct engineering and
technical support from our company headquarters, located in Taipei, Taiwan.

As services such as voice and multimedia are moving to IP
based technologies, carriers have found that their core networks can be
operated more effectively and economically if the public switching networks are
migrated to a next generation IP based networks. Fully in line with this world
wide trends, CTC Union in 2009, became a member of the MEF (Metro Ethernet
Forum) whose main goal is to provide interoperability standards for carriers
and manufacturers to smoothly deploy Ethernet solutions from core networks to
Last-Mile. This proactive thinking will allow CTC Union to continue developing
solutions for today and tomorrow’s markets.

As a socially responsible manufacturer, CTC Union is concerned with the environment and has
taken active measures to reduce carbon emissions and eliminate hazardous
materials in their products. None of CTC Union products use chlorofluorocarbons
(CFC) in their production process and since 2007 all electronics use non-lead
soldering according to RoHS 2.0 and WEEE directives.

CTC Union’s continuing mission is to provide our customers
with “on time” solutions, quick and effective customer support, and
valuable products with extended service life.

Providing innovative last-mile access solutions in
telecommunication market and its customers with an ?on
time” solution, with quick and effective customer
support, and value.

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