The clearfield Fibre management Philosophy

Aproduct that does not accomplish this in an easy and intuitive way is over-thought andcosts you money. At FTL, we approach fibre management with threesimple goals in mind. Our first and most importantobjective is to deliver solutions that minimise your fibreriskin the cable plant. Secondly, it is our responsibility to eliminate deployment and maintenance headaches. Lastly, wemust reduce the cost of broadband deployment bycarefulattention to not only the reduction of capital equipment costs, but also theoperationalcosts of each and every deployment.

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Taking Fibre deep into the Network, Clearfield leading the way

In the past 22 years, We have assisted hundreds of customers with their network design, planning, and associated fibre management needs. These networks have ranged from the booming CATV HFC days of the mid-90’s through fibre exhaust scenarios of the telcos to the gargantuan bandwidth needs of the various FTTH deployment strategies. One of the constants in all of them has been the consideration of link loss budget planning: How far out can I get with my current optical power before I have to terminate or amplify? I have always been amazed that more often than not, the first answer to distance limitation is to plop in more optical power in the way of EDFA’s, transmitters, and amplifiers. Optical transmission and having the power to get it where you want it to go can be an expensive affair. However, boosting power is not the only way to gain distance.

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Secure Optical Networking white paper

Fibre may be harmed unwillingly by rodents, ground work or even natural phenomena such as flooding or earthquakes.

Even worse, the fibres are the easiest way to attack an otherwise highly secure network. This may include cutting fibres to create outages, or in the most advanced way, tapping of the data carried though the fibre.

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