FTL at the very height of achievement

This year Fibre Technologies will be sponsoring a Mount Everestclimb with our good friend James Ketchell. You may remember earlier this yearJames rowed the Atlantic solo and raised ?9,000 for the NSPCC, taking 110days.

Next year “April 2011” James is attempting to climb to thesummit of the world’s tallest mountain, following in the footsteps of SirEdmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay, who became the first people to summit MountEverest on May 29th 1953.

James’s chosen charity is “The Elifar Foundation” http://www.elifarfoundation.org.uk/

The name ELIFAR stands forEvery Life Is For A Reason, a philosophy which serves to remind us all thateveryone deserves to enjoy the minimum standards of comfort and happiness inlife, though for those with severe disability these are often not easily achieved.
The financial, physical and emotional cost to themand their families is enormous and any help we can give will often be lifechanging, and always gratefully received.

Further information donations and sponsorship opportunities canbe found at http://www.jamesketchell.net/

If James reaches the summit, he will be the first person tohave rowed the Atlantic Solo and to have summited Mount Everest, the questionis, what will be next?

Fibre Technologies are extremely happy to be supporting Jamesand the Elifar Foundation, as sometimes we forget how lucky we really are.

A Director with Direction

Fibre Technologies is pleased to announce David Taylor’s newrole in Fibre Technologies as Technical Sales Director.

David said, I am very pleased to be offered this role, as itnot only shows commitment from the company but also endorses my future commitmentthrough accepting it. I am already working on some exciting new areas of expansionfor our growth so watch this space!

Ian Hunt says, for some time now I have been working closelywith David mentoring him through the path way to Directorship. I am pleased tohave David as my right hand man as the company continues to grow and expand.

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