CTCUnion 30 year present

CTC Union, a key technology partner of Fibre Technologies, celebrates its 30th year in business.

June 2023 saw CTC Union celebrate thirty successful years in business.

A key technology partner of Fibre Technologies, CTC Union was founded in 1993 and develops and manufactures Fibre Optic Equipment including industrial switches, media converters and a wide range of other Fibre Optic products.

CTC Union’s software development system follows the cybersecurity IEC62443 regulations for the design of Industrial & Telecom networking products. With their own in-house R&D and factory CTC Union develops and manufactures high-quality products in Taiwan.

CTC Union’s goal is to provide reliable, temperature resistant and rugged designs for mission critical systems used in harsh environments. With more than 30 years of experience in design of Telecom products, CTC Union is highly motivated to deliver various access switches and FTTP CPE products.

Fibre Technologies has been a CTC Union partner for over ten years and are experts in the product range and applications, selling CTC Union products into a number of industries.

In recognition of our long standing partnership CTC Union kindly sent us a gift in celebration of their thirty year anniversary which is now proudly displayed in our office.

We thank our partners at CTC Union for supporting our relationship and we wish them congratulations on their successful thirty years in business. We look forward to continuing our relationship

copper cable pile

BT to Extract 200 Tonnes of UK Copper Cable in 2023 UPDATE

As the UK rollout of full fibre (FTTP) broadband gathers pace, BT are increasingly turning their attention to the challenge of how to extract all of that valuable copper leftover from their legacy phone network. Initial trials have already taken place, and they now expect to extract over 200 tonnes of copper cable this year.

The complete extraction of BT and Openreach’s legacy cables and kit will be a slow process because some parts of the UK are still likely to need them for many years longer, while consumers also have to be given time to migrate. Nevertheless, Openreach’s new Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network already covers 10.27 million premises, and they aim to reach 25 million by December 2026. But they recently hinted that this might grow up to 30 million by 2030 (here), which would only leave a tiny portion of premises stuck on ancient copper, or even aluminium, lines.

The process of moving end-users away from copper and on to fibre optic infrastructure is already underway and that will only expand over the coming years, albeit very gradually. BT recently stated that it remained “confident” of being able to “recover” an estimated 200,000 tonnes of copper from their old legacy network through the 2030s.

Read the full story here.

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