Creanord Redefining 10GbE Performance

Designed for the needs of 3G & 4G wireless backhaul, business services and inter-carrier wholesale services, the MetroNODE 10GE unit offers complete Ethernet OAM and layer 2 & 3 monitoring, complemented by bandwidth policy enforcement, service mapping and filtering to deliver total visibility and control.

The all-hardware, pipelined design ensures quality of service (QoS) is fully assured, but never compromised. Without the store-and-forward processing used by switches and routers, the 10GE effortlessly handles 1,000s of flows in a full line-rate link within microseconds. True to its lineage, the 10GE is carrier-grade to the core, with redundant power supplies, protected data paths, NEBS Level 3 compliance, and Plug & Go management automation.

3G & 4G Wireless Backhaul
Support for 1,000s of concurrent, per-flow OAM sessions from the Mobile Switching Center (MSC) means standards-based visibility to every tower, for every class of service. Assuring vital SLAs, the in-service Performance Assurance Agent monitors Ethernet & IP QoS over point-to-point, spoked and full-mesh topologies to every cell site, as well as over critical transport links in the Evolved Packet Core (EPC).

Carrier Ethernet service mapping, and bi-directional hierarchical bandwidth policing allow the MetroNODE 10GE packet performance node to establish, terminate and optimize up to 100s of Ethernet circuits in near-zero latency.

Ethernet Business Services
The largest enterprises are stepping up to 10GbE to consolidate their WAN connections, now carrying business-critical financial, transactional, real-time communications and distributed computing applications. With SLAs and reportability front and center, the 10GE is the packet performance node of choice, ensuring all services are carefully monitored and maintained without impacting performance.

Wholesale Ethernet
Providing cost-effective, ubiquitous Ethernet services requires native Ethernet wholesale. To take advantage of this rapidly growing market, carriers need efficient 10 GbE hand-offs. Delivering the lowest possible latency while providing CoS mapping, H-QoS, multi-layer VLAN tagging, Ethernet OAM and complete SLA monitoring, the MetroNODE 10GE unit offers operators a turn-key, service assured wholesale solution that’s fully compliant with the MEF UNI-Type 2 standard.

With EtherNID and MetroNID units located at remote customer sites, providers can assure QoS to off-net customers and use Ethernet wholesale to expand their service footprint. The MetroNODE 10GE is fully integrated into Creanord EchoVault platform.

3M approves LanTEK I and II series cable certifiers from IDEAL INDUSTRIES

3M, a leading global supplier of complete data cabling systems for enterprise networks, has approved the LanTEK? I and II series for certifying copper Class E, Class EA, CAT6 and CAT6A 3M cabling systems, according to ISO/IEC 11801 Amendment 1 and 2, EN 50173 series and TIA/EIA-568-B-2-10 standards. The approval is valid for cabling systems and tester models in either permanent link or channel in UTP, FTP or fully shielded systems.

Rosemary McGlashon, European Marketing, Enterprise Network Solutions at 3M comments: ?We are very pleased that our installer base now has an even wider choice of approved cable certifiers for certifying installed 3M data cabling solutions.”

IDEAL’s new LanTEK? II cable certifier series provides certification to TIA, ISO and IEC LAN cabling standards. In addition, IDEAL’s FiberTEK? FDX fibre optic modules enable the LanTEK? II to certify multi-mode and single mode fibre to TSB Tier 1 standards.

Gilbert Owens, Sales Manager at IDEAL INDUSTRIES NETWORKS DIVISION comments: ?The approval from 3M once again demonstrates the high reliability and performance of the LanTEK? II, which we believe is now the most technically advanced and cost effective package available for copper and fibre cable certification.”

The three new LanTEK? II models (frequency ranges of 350MHz, 500MHz and 1GHz) offer faster test speeds, a 10.5cm widescreen display and improved Lithium-Ion batteries, with up to 18 hours of field use. The range makes use of IDEAL’s patented measurement system, which provides reduced cost of ownership by eliminating expensive permanent link adaptors. The unique DUALmode? test function enables the user to test a copper link against two different standards with a single Autotest, making it easy to test a link to current standards, as well as measure the performance margin against future standards with higher performance requirements; while adding only one second to the Autotest time.

The new FiberTEK? FDX modules for certifying fibre links or backbones simply plug into the adapter bay of the LanTEK? II certifier. The unique full duplex capability of the FiberTEK? FDX makes fibre certification as easy as copper certification. A single strand of fibre connected between the handsets is tested at two wavelengths and in both directions at once. Fibre length is accurately measured as well. Never before has it been possible to measure a single strand of fibre and report the length and all four insertion loss tests without swapping test instruments or connectors!

For additional information on the LanTEK? II certifier or to arrange a free demonstration, please call Fibre Technologies on 01344 752222 or email

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