Mobile Bandwidth Demand Continues to Grow

With the increasing mobile datatraffic this equation no longer works. Revenue per bit from data services isfar from what is used to be from voice services. Most Service Providers are nowincreasing their network capacity with Ethernet based backhaul while reducingexpenditure at the same time.

Ethernet Backhaul managementchallenges
Raw bandwidth without proper management only partly fulfills the ServiceProvider goals. With the deployment of Managed Ethernet Backhaul by applyingthe ITU Y.1731 standard for Performance Management and automated Service LevelAgreement (SLA) assurance the investment is secured – providing scalabilityinto the management that is needed when the network expands into thousands andtens of thousands of cell sites.

Rolling out new cell sites and provisioning new services is important butequally important is the management and handling of the end-to-end SLAs and OAMdata received from the networks. It’s fair to say that most software basedmanagement options are not even capable of the heavy lifting required when OAMdata from tens of thousands cell sites start to flood in. Some of the solutionsmight fall short already in the turn-up phase staggering with too many manualstages in the provisioning process causing either slowness into the deploymentor even grinding it into a complete halt. What worked fine in the labenvironment might prove impossible to execute in real-world dimensions with aninsufficient solution.

Creanord EchoVault MAX -Scalable Ethernet Backhaul with SLA assurance
Automation is the key when deploying end-to-end SLA and OAM between thousandsof sites. EchoVault MAX delivers this promise through Plug and Go Zero Touch -with the speed and accuracy that is needed when rolling out large scaleEthernet Mobile Backhauls.

MEF Certified Network Interface DevicesEchoVault MAX provides superior performance and scalable EthernetBackhaul networks. The solution leverages on Oracle On-chip cryptographicacceleration, Oracle VM virtualization, Oracle Real Application Cluster andOracle Partitioning – equaling raw but intelligent performance for real-worldnetworks.

From initial installations into large production networks with tens ofthousands nodes, the EchoVault MAX provides unbeatable performance andscalability – making most of the Service Provider’s Ethernet Mobile Backhaulinvestment.

Are you doing your utmost to minimize the impact of a disaster?

Enterprise,service provider and government networks, including municipal and militarynetworks cannot afford interruptions caused by natural forces or man-madedisasters. The resiliency, reliability and security of informationtechnology and communications infrastructure are essential to the productivityand profitability of these businesses or organizations. For thatreason, IT Managers must ensure some form of transmission redundancyshould the primary paths fail due to any disturbances.

Suited forbackhauling high capacity data, voice and video streams, BridgeWave’s lowlatency wireless links are fast, easy to install and can be deployed withindays.

Call us now 01344 752222 to learn how our highly-reliable wireless solutions canprovide carrier-grade availability and secure connectivity as backup forexisting fiber paths.

FTL Secure Solutions

FTL has launched its Access Control Division “FTL Secure Solutions” bringing you access and building control systems, with a NACOSS Gold installation team, 24×7, 4 hour response time

For some time now Fibre Technologies Limited has carried Access Security products within its portfolio. The growth of this business has led Fibre Technologies Limited to create a new division “FTL Secure Solutions”
FTL Secure Solutions in partnership with ISOSCAN UK Limited deliver innovative, reliable and cost effective integrated access control and monitoring solutions.
Our product portfolio ranges from stand alone, entry level products right through to sophisticated multi-application management systems. This includes a wide selection of controllers, readers, software systems and accessories,

ISOSCAN has over 16 year’s experience developing, manufacturing and delivering innovative, reliable and cost effective integrated access control and monitoring solutions for applications across the world.
We are at the heart of the fast-moving security sector, and understand that as our customers’ needs evolve we have to continue to develop market-leading product and service solutions. Our customers form an integral part of our product development and design

Working closely with our customers, we deliver innovative solutions designed to meet their specific requirements and which have a positive impact on their business – both in terms of increased security and operational efficiency.

FTL Secure Solutions and Isoscan (UK) Ltd prides itself on its technical expertise, providing customers with bespoke systems which are generally aimed at providing the client with a practical solution to monitoring and control of areas and buildings both from a security and practical point of view.

An example of installed and maintained systems :-

Installation of a monitoring system covering 17 computer centres throughout the world for Barclays Bank connecting their banking facilities to their UK headquarters in Poole, Dorset. It is believed that this was the first commercial monitoring system operating worldwide using satellite communications, the system being supplied in 1986-87 of a modular concept which was installed by local electricians in 8 different countries including Japan, USA, Canada, Australia and in Europe.

A T & T have a monitoring system covering the majority of the Landrover/Jaguar and Aston Martin sites including Gaydon, Solihull and Coventry. The system monitors their main computer centres and satellite server/LAN network rooms.

Unisys UK Ltd have a monitoring and access control system which enables their security personnel to monitor remote offices and includes security, access control, monitoring and CCTV equipment.

British Midland International have a monitoring and access control system which enables their security personnel to monitor buildings and hangar complexes as well as remote access control of offices at airports using monitoring (security) and access control equipment.
As part of a general expansion, Isoscan now supplies, installs and maintains various other equipment associated with the security industry such as turnstiles, barriers and gates, CCTV equipment and fire alarm systems. All of these products integrate with our own systems.
From single door office solutions to multiple buildings, let FTL Secure Solutions be a key part of your security infrastructure.

NACOSS approved installer since 2000 to BS EN ISO 9001 2000 and NSI quality scheme SSQS101. This includes management and product. Gold standard for access control, CCTV and alarm systems.

SafeContractor approval achieved 2009 covers all aspects of health and safety for our range of services

Constructionline approval achieved 2009 approved contractor for public sector works for our range of products and services

Malcolm Wright MD of ISOSCAN UK Ltd, says partnering with FTL Secure Solutions will help us create more of a market share, the team at FTL Secure Solutions are very knowledgeable in this sector and this gives both companies the ideal platform to become a brand name in what some would see as an overcrowded market. It’s all about giving the customer what they want, not just what you have on the shelf, this is our key differentiator in the market.

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