community fibre broadband hits one million connections

Community Fibre Broadband Reaches One Million Connections in London

UK-based full fibre broadband provider, Community Fibre, has announced that more than 1 million residential properties in London are now connected to its fibre broadband services. According to the official release, the company reported a 75 percent expansion of its network footprint in the last 12 months.

Symmetrical Broadband Packages

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers a range of symmetrical broadband packages, ranging from 150 Mbps to 3 Gbps. According to the company, these packages are up to 45.9 times faster than the UK’s average download speed and 193.5 times faster than the average upload speed.

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Connecting London Businesses

Community Fibre said its network expansion also benefits businesses, with over 212,000 London-based enterprises now within 100 meters of its network footprint. These businesses can take advantage of up to 10 Gbps symmetrical speeds for their operations and growth.

Community Fibre expressed pride in the company’s role in providing faster, cheaper, and more reliable fibre broadband to over one million London properties.

The Internet Service Provider (ISP), owned by funds advised by Warburg Pincus LLC, DTCP, Railpen, and NDIF, also emphasized its commitment to offerings, such as setting new out-of-contract pricing standards capped at Euros 2 across all packages and providing easy access to the social tariff without requiring consumers to provide proof of eligibility criteria.

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Adtran CEO: ‘We of course expect to be BEAD-compliant’

Adtran is the latest telecom equipment company to announce that it’s ramping up domestic manufacturing in order to meet “Buy America” rules for the $42.5 billion Broadband Equity Access and Deployment (BEAD) program.

The company on Wednesday said it will invest up to $5 million in its Hunstville, Alabama, facility, creating 300 jobs. The investment will allow Adtran to expand its US production of optical line termination (OLT) equipment and onshore the manufacturing of optical network terminals (ONTs).

“We of course expect to be BEAD-compliant,” Adtran CEO Tom Stanton said at an event hosted at the company’s 270,000-square-foot facility in Huntsville.

Adtran further said it will work to engage new hires by partnering with local schools for its high school apprenticeship program and developing a co-op program for college students.

The announcement from Adtran follows this month’s news that Nokia will partner with Sanmina Corporation to manufacture broadband network electronics products for BEAD at Sanmina’s facility in Kenosha County, Wisconsin, starting next year.

Additionally today, Nokia announced its partnership with optical supplier Fabrinet to domestically produce fiber broadband optical modules for BEAD. Production will start next year at Fabrinet’s facility in Santa Clara, California, “and brings additional high-tech jobs to the country,” said the company.

Jobs and manufacturing

Speaking at Wednesday’s event at Adtran’s Huntsville facility, NTIA Chief Alan Davidson thanked the company for its investment and noted that BEAD is “not just a connectivity program. It is a jobs and manufacturing program.”

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BT, Ericsson make 5G breakthrough

BT and Ericsson have demonstrated the transmission of 5G services in a wideband frequency division duplex (FDD) radio carrier (over 20MHz) within a sub-3GHz spectrum band.

In what is a European first according to both, the breakthrough demonstrates the benefits of configuring a wide carrier bandwidth of 50MHz in EE’s 2.6GHz band and performing downlink aggregation with two TDD carrier in EE’s 3.5GHz band.

The trial also evaluated an intermediate carrier bandwidth of 30MHz.

“This breakthrough is the latest example of our commitment to maximising the full potential of 5G for our customers,” said Greg McCall, chief networks officer at BT.

“As network quality and accessibility improve, so too will innovation and the 5G services ecosystem. Demonstrating new network capabilities such as those announced today is critical to achieving this goal, and also paves the way to ensuring that 5G SA delivers new possibilities for our customers.”

Conducted on BT’s live network in Bristol and Potters Bar using existing Ericsson commercial hardware and by activating the software feature ‘Large Bandwidth Support Low-Band’, testing with MediaTek Dimensity powered handsets with integrated MediaTek M80 Release-16 modem, the trial has shown a capacity uplift of more than three times with a single FDD carrier.

This is significant for the uplink in 5G Standalone (SA) which is currently based on a single carrier.

5G SA will enable superior experiences, the companies said in a statement, adding that it will enable growing demand for data, driven by cloud gaming, VR and other emerging edge technologies.

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Openreach expands Optical Spectrum Access solution with 100G service powered by Adtran

LONDON, August 02, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Adtran today announced that Openreach, the UK’s largest wholesale broadband network, has deployed its FSP 3000 open optical transport technology to enable its new Optical Spectrum Access 100G Single enterprise service. Openreach’s new product offers a dedicated fiber link that empowers more UK businesses to harness point-to-point 100Gbit/s data transport. The solution also brings efficiency benefits that reduce capital and operational expenditure. The latest collaboration builds on more than a decade of successful partnership between Adtran and Openreach.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Adtran’s FSP 3000 technology is helping Openreach deliver managed 100G connectivity to UK businesses. (Photo: Business Wire)

“Corporate cloud applications and other data-intensive tasks such as data centre backhaul are fueling a growing demand for bandwidth. Adtran’s scalable optical technology enables us to offer a managed, high-speed service that satisfies that demand at a highly competitive price point,” said Simon Williams, head of optical products at Openreach. “With no filters or amplifiers required, our Optical Spectrum Access 100G Single service offers secure and always-on optical services that can transport enormous amounts of data. We’re also making dedicated, uncomplicated and customizable access available in a slimmed-down package that’s even easier to manage.”

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