The CSX4 is a managed G.SHDSL modem for long distance transmission of voice and data services. They operate over 2-wire and 4-wire lines in any copper infrastructure. The CSX4 modems incorporate TC-PAM 16 technology for expanding E1, Ethernet or serial data (X.21, V.24, ISDN BRI (I.430)) transmission range of up to 12 km. That offers carriers and enterprises a cost-effective solution for data transmission at high data rates over larg distances in the First Mile. These devices offer variable data rates up to 2,3 Mbps over 2-wire and up to 4,6 Mbps over 4-wire. The number of operating line pairs, LTU/NTU mode and multiple data rates could be set via SNMP, Web-GUI, Telnet and VT100 management. The CEX2 offers in-band management of the remote device, whereby the management data is transmitted together with the user data. The in-band management capability in combination with System Controller SCX2 allows Carriers and ISPs to maintain and supervise all devices inside management system via single NMS access point (IP forwarding). Additional features like performance monitoring (E1 ports) and several test loops at line and user interface ports give operators wide bunch of easy service diagnostics in case of any problems in the network.


  • Operates at variable data rates between 64 kbps and 4608 kbps
  • TC-PAM line coding extends operation range up to 12 km (64 kbps @ 2-wire, 24 AWG), w/o repeater
  • Auto speed negotiation for line speed
  • Selectable user interfaces:
  • E1 (G.703/G.704)


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