With the increasing mobile datatraffic this equation no longer works. Revenue per bit from data services isfar from what is used to be from voice services. Most Service Providers are nowincreasing their network capacity with Ethernet based backhaul while reducingexpenditure at the same time.

Ethernet Backhaul managementchallenges
Raw bandwidth without proper management only partly fulfills the ServiceProvider goals. With the deployment of Managed Ethernet Backhaul by applyingthe ITU Y.1731 standard for Performance Management and automated Service LevelAgreement (SLA) assurance the investment is secured – providing scalabilityinto the management that is needed when the network expands into thousands andtens of thousands of cell sites.

Rolling out new cell sites and provisioning new services is important butequally important is the management and handling of the end-to-end SLAs and OAMdata received from the networks. It’s fair to say that most software basedmanagement options are not even capable of the heavy lifting required when OAMdata from tens of thousands cell sites start to flood in. Some of the solutionsmight fall short already in the turn-up phase staggering with too many manualstages in the provisioning process causing either slowness into the deploymentor even grinding it into a complete halt. What worked fine in the labenvironment might prove impossible to execute in real-world dimensions with aninsufficient solution.

Creanord EchoVault MAX -Scalable Ethernet Backhaul with SLA assurance
Automation is the key when deploying end-to-end SLA and OAM between thousandsof sites. EchoVault MAX delivers this promise through Plug and Go Zero Touch -with the speed and accuracy that is needed when rolling out large scaleEthernet Mobile Backhauls.

MEF Certified Network Interface DevicesEchoVault MAX provides superior performance and scalable EthernetBackhaul networks. The solution leverages on Oracle On-chip cryptographicacceleration, Oracle VM virtualization, Oracle Real Application Cluster andOracle Partitioning – equaling raw but intelligent performance for real-worldnetworks.

From initial installations into large production networks with tens ofthousands nodes, the EchoVault MAX provides unbeatable performance andscalability – making most of the Service Provider’s Ethernet Mobile Backhaulinvestment.