ADVA wins major German innovation award with its quantum-safe encryption technology.

News summary:

  • ADVA’s encryption engine ensures future-proof security for post-quantum threats
  • It delivers full transparency, removes certification complexity and guarantees rapid time to market
  • Crypto module developed and engineered in Meiningen, Germany

ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that it has won one of Germany’s most renowned innovation prizes for its quantum-safe encryption technology. The accolade recognizes the value of ADVA’s highly secure crypto module, which integrates all essential security functions and provides comprehensive protection for sensitive data on the move. It offers the best available network protection even against the threat of quantum computer attacks. By simplifying the certification and regulatory approval of ADVA’s encryption technology, it also accelerates time to market for customers offering highly secure services. The Innovation Award Thuringia is one of Germany’s most respected awards for technology development.

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