Rural UK ISP Gigaclear has announced that their gigabit-capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband network is being extended to cover 3,500 homes and businesses in two neighbouring communities – the village of Aspley Guise and town of Woburn Sands – on the border between Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.

The provider’s network, which has already covered 360,000 premises (up from 300,000 in May 2022) across rural parts of England, already passes near to both locations and so the expansion makes plenty of sense. The only catch is that Openreach has already deployed FTTP across a large part of Woburn Sands, which in such a small area may make it harder for Gigaclear to make a positive impact.

Despite the competition, local councillor John Baker welcomed the work and expressed his “hope” that Swallowfield Primary, Aspley Guise Village School and Fulbrook Secondary “will soon be connected and children will be able to access all their favourite educational applications more quickly!

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