Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity provides emotional andpractical support to families when their child has a life threatening orterminal illness; immediate help is available for families 24 hours a day.Support is offered from diagnosis through treatment and, should a family becomebereaved, we continue to support them for as long as they need us. We helpfamily members cope with the present and prepare them for the future.


Rainbow is celebrating its 25th Anniversary andHeather is once again taking to the skies (she did a sky dive in 2006) to raisefunds to support our services for families who have a terminally ill child.Heather has been involved with Rainbow since 1988 and I’ve seen the steadygrowth from humble beginnings to the organisation it is today, helping over1150 families this year, an increase of 18%.

To celebrate Rainbow’s 25th Heather has committedto undertake a wing walking display – 11.45am on Saturday 18 June at MemburyAirfield in Berkshire. In 1988 she was a mere slip of a girl and now shejust scraped in to the qualifying criteria but that’s life. Heather says”am I terrified – yes! Am I mad – perhaps just a little but it is in agood cause and I have set myself an ambitious target of ?25K which will help 20families over a year”.

Unfortunately,due to aviation law it is not possible to take part in wing walking to raisemoney for charity. This is a strict law set by the Civil Aviation Authority andso to avoid falling out with the CAA or breaking the law I hope you willconsider sponsoring my ‘training’ programme in order that I might take part. Ihope you will consider sponsoring Heathers training program to enable her totake part.

Please help Heather achieve this in Rainbow’s Jubilee year -every donation will make a difference and you can donate by visiting http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Heatherfliesagain