Infinera and LightRiver have announced the successful completion of a multi-vendor interoperability technology demonstration. According to the joint statement, this collaboration showcases the capabilities of their respective solutions, focusing on coherent pluggable solutions, network orchestration, and automation.

Technology Demonstration

The demonstration involved Infinera, a company known for its intelligent coherent pluggable technology (ICE-X), and LightRiver, a provider of netFLEX Transport Domain Orchestration and Control Software.

The demonstration highlighted the successful integration of Infinera’s ICE-X coherent pluggable technology with LightRiver’s netFLEX software, showing how these technologies can work seamlessly together.

The demonstration includes Infinera’s ICE-X line of intelligent coherent pluggables deployed in third-party host devices, including routers from Juniper Networks operating over a Smartoptics open ROADM system and the leading FTTX PON solution, said the official release.

Network Efficiency

The main focus was on how network orchestration, combined with intelligent coherent pluggable solutions, can significantly enhance network efficiency. This includes improvements in operation, management, and capacity expansion.

The demonstration illustrated the ability of Infinera’s Intelligent Pluggables Manager (IPM) software to enable multi-vendor network automation. This allows different vendor solutions to work together harmoniously, potentially reducing operational complexities.

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