Source: Infinera Corporation

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Infinera(NASDAQ: INFN) is proud to announce a contract award with the U.S. Departmentof Energy (DOE)?s Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) to build the opticalsubstrate for its next-generation science network, ESnet6, interconnecting theDOE?s national laboratory system and experimental facilities with research andcommercial networks around the globe. Based on a next-generation hardware andsoftware stack, ESnet6 will provide unparalleled support for global science andpave the way for future advancements in the areas of streaming data analytics,artificial intelligence/machine learning, workflow management, and theintegration of compute, storage, and networking capabilities.

TheESnet6 optical network is powered by the Infinera GX Series Compact ModularPlatform and FlexILS Open Optical Line System. ESnet?s open optical networkingapproach combined with Infinera?s GX and FlexILS with coherent 600G technologyenables deployment of today?s state-of-the art technology plus future-proofsthe network with the ability to seamlessly upgrade to 800G capability onceavailable.

Withscience data traffic over ESnet doubling every 20 months, Infinera capabilitiesensure ESnet can provide 400 Gigabit Ethernet-based services through this openand flexible architecture. Deployed nationwide, the Infinera GX Series andFlexILS Open Optical Line System solutions provide a flexible and scalablefoundation with C+L-band capability for further scale at the photonic layer.

?ESnet6represents a transformational change in the capacity, resiliency, andflexibility and brings tangible benefits to the DOE?s science mission,? saidKate Mace, ESnet6 Project Director. ?Open optical networking technology plays akey role in ESnet?s ability to meet the ongoing challenges of data trafficgrowth while supporting the high-speed and real-time collaboration capabilitiesthat are critical to our nation?s science programs.?

As the world?s leading science data network, ESnet connects all of the DOE?sgeographically distributed laboratories, experimental facilities, and computingcenters across a dedicated fiber optic backbone that stretches across the U.S.and beyond. These capabilities provide the foundation for scientists to move,share, analyze, and store data no matter where in the world the data may be.Partnering with ESnet, Infinera quickly and safely deployed new equipment,performed testing, and turned up services over 15,000 miles of fiber during aglobal pandemic.

?ESnetwas pleased to see Infinera?s team make such fast work of this largeinstallation task during a pandemic. This high-speed connectivity provides thefoundation to meet our mission of accelerating scientific discovery,? saidInder Monga, Executive Director of ESnet and Division Director of ScientificNetworking at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. ?ESnet enables tens ofthousands of scientists to access data portals, transfer vast research datastreams, and tap into remote scientific instruments and sources ? all in realtime.?

?Infinerais delighted to partner with ESnet to deploy a high-capacity open opticalnetwork connecting all the national laboratory locations in the U.S. withhigh-performance computing locations,? said Nick Walden, Senior Vice President,Sales at Infinera. ?This collaboration underscores the value of ourrelationship and ability to deliver advanced networking solutions quickly andefficiently to meet the needs of our customers even during a pandemic.?