Keeping up with Data Centre Interconnect

Stu Elby, senior vice president of cloud network strategy and technology at Infinera, discusses the growing demand for inter-data centre traffic and the efficient solutions which should respond to this challenge.

TUESDAY 03 March, 2015

“…In the early days of cloud, the same equipment was used for both Data Centre Interconnect and end-user traffic. However, with the rise of social media and machine-to-machine communication, bandwidth requirements across DCI have taken off and require a new class of equipment.

With this shift in speed and demand for terabits, operators cannot provide a solution that chews up half a rack of equipment and requires a kilowatt of power – that model simply would not fit into a data centre real estate or energy profile…

At Infinera we have attacked this challenge by applying our photonic integrated circuit technology which allows us to achieve very efficient power and space profiles – the purpose-built Cloud Xpress box…”

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Infinera’s Cloud Xpress will be on display at the Fibre Technologies stand, #G68A, at Data Centre World, 11th – 12th March at London Excel

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