Historically Telco services have been built on SDH/PDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy/Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy) circuits, which offered high levels of reliability and service assurance.

Whilst this technology has been in decline for many years due to many factors there are still numerous examples of circuits based on E1 and/or STM-1 protocols in use today, typically carried over microwave links, that need to be either fully replaced or modernised. Fibre Technologies and Loop Telecom can assist in the migration from Legacy SDH/PDH to current technologies and allow migration to newer equipment with a solution based on the Loop G7860A.

A recent case study involved a service provider that needed to replace an existing directional radio network.

The Legacy Network.

The successor solution needed to fulfill the following requirements:-

  • Transport for grooming E1, STM-1, and IP services
  • Clock synchronization for remote nodes
  • In-band remote management
  • Centralized service provision and supervision

The Modernised Network.

The G7860A-based solution replaced microwave links with fibre for E1 and IP service transmission with aggregation at each node and SyncE for external synchronization.

Key Features.

  • All-Packet based access nodes for transporting PDH, SDH/SONET, Ethernet services using both Pseudo Wire and Carrier Ethernet
  • L3 Routing Functionalities
  • Up to 81Gbps switching capacity
  • Support for E1/T1 and STM-1/4 circuits
  • Supports SyncE
  • Carrier class protection (Protection switching time <50ms)
  • End to end OAM
  • Integrated TDM BERT and loopback functionalities
  • Fully manageable via SNMP and CLI
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