New standards-based 100Gbpsoptical transport solution will enable smooth migration path for serviceproviders looking to boost network capacity

CHATSWORTH, C.A.-June 9, 2011-MRV Communications, Inc. (OTC Pink Sheets: MRVC) (“MRV” or the “Company”), aleading provider of optical communications network infrastructure equipment andintegration and managed services, today unveiled plans for a standards-based100Gbps optical transport solution that boosts network capacity over existing fibreinfrastructures and enables increased bandwidth for mobile backhaul,cloud-based services, data centre interconnection and more.

MRV Optical CommunicationsSystems’ new 100Gbps solution will allow service providers to ease thetransition from 10Gbps and meet the projected capacity demands from theonslaught of next-generation services. A standards-based Dense Wave DivisionMultiplexing (DWDM) optical system, the 100Gbps platform will encompass DP-QPSKmodulation and coherent detection technologies to ensure backward compatibilitywith existing network infrastructure, and is positioned to provide metro,regional and long-haul networks with a mix of services of up to 100Gbps.

“Internet exchanges and datacentresare the new central offices for the Internet age as they are the source of thedata that provides the rich Internet services in demand by broadband and mobileusers,” said Andrew Schmitt, Directing Analyst, Optical, at InfoneticsResearch. “While 100Gbps transmission by big telcos draws much attention,equally important is the connectivity between public and private datacentres asthese links often bypass the services of traditional carriers. Today, capexgrowth by datacentre and dark fibre providers outstrips that of traditionalcarriers and by 2013 we think 100Gbps will be very much in demand.”

“MRV OCS’ new 100Gbps systemwill offer service providers a reliable solution that is fully compatible withexisting 10/40Gbps optical transport networks and allow them to reap thefinancial benefits of next-generation services for years to come,” said BarryGorsun, President, for MRV OCS. “Bandwidth demand and IP traffic continue toincrease without showing any sign of slowing. 100Gbps network capacity willsoon become a very important component of the strategy of forward-thinkingservice providers.”

Separately, MRV also announcedtoday that Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) will strengthen its existing, long-timepartnership with MRV and plans to deploy MRV’s 100Gbps optical transportsolution. AMS-IX is one of the largest and fastest-growing Internet exchangesin the world. Currently, AMS-IX has deployed MRV’s 10Gbps DWDM optical systemsin its core network to enable backbone transport solutions which connectInternet exchange services.