Vodafone has announced that their new 5Gnetwork, which promises average mobile broadband speeds of 150-200 Mbps and peaks upto 1Gbps, has now started rolling out into Birkenhead, Bolton, Gatwick,Lancaster, Newbury, Plymouth,Stoke-on-Trent and Wolverhampton after initiallyonly going live in a few major cities.

The live deployment started earlier this month on 3rd July 2019 (here)in the busiest parts of Cardiff, Birmingham, Bristol,Liverpool, London,Manchester and Glasgow (the Isles of Scilly were also on the list). After today’supdate their network is now live in parts of 15 UK towns and cities.

On top of that the operatorsaid they were also widening their 5G roaming footprint today by adding 20towns and cities across Germany to the 35 places already on their 5G Europeanroaming network, which will go live sometime this summer. Once ready both UKconsumers and business customers will be able to roam over 5G in parts ofGermany, Italy and Spain at no additional cost.

NickJeffery, Vodafone UK CEO, said:

?Vodafone’s global presencemeans we can provide our consumer and business customers with 5G in moredestinations than any other UK provider. Combined with our new unlimited dataplans, we are offering customers the best roaming experience ever. They won’thave to hunt for Wi-Fi or rely on often expensive and slow hotel connections;they can use their 5G smartphones to enjoy faster roaming.”

Vodafone added that ?customers can also use[our] newunlimited data plans with 5G roaming,” which they said meansyou won’t be left ?worrying about running out of dataor running up a large bill” (this is also available on their4G network across 77 destinations).However they neglect to mention that roamingdata itself is not in fact ?unlimited“and thesmall print on their website states: ?Roamingdata on all unlimited data plans is capped at 25GB per month in inclusiveroaming & ?6/dayroaming destinations.”