Orange Group has revealed its participation in the SeaMeWe-6 consortium for the construction of a new express submarine cable system aiming to directly connect Marseille in France to Singapore. Orange will act as the landing party for the system in France and will host the cable in its landing site in Marseille. Jean-Luc Vuillemin, Director of International Networks at Orange, said: ‘We are delighted with our participation in this new system in order to offer a new high-speed and high-performance “express” connectivity solution between France and Asia and to support the growing needs of our customers over time. This new link will also allow us to secure our existing traffic and allow better throughput to our locations in the Indian Ocean.’ Orange Group’s global network currently features more than 40 submarine cables, including its investments in the SeaMeWe-3SeaMeWe-4SeaMeWe-5IMEWE and SAFE systems. Recent projects include Amitie and Dunant in the Atlantic Ocean and PEACE Cable in the Mediterranean.

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