Imaginea combination of Visio, and an architectural design CAD package with 3Dcapabilities with all your data room structural and rack layouts in one placethat has the intelligence to capture live energy consumption data, as well asbeing able to provide capacity planning, right down to rack u level and you’restarting to get close to what this product can do.

  • Developedin the UK
  • Independentof all products
  • Themost cost effective yet
  • Totallyflexible
  • Addresses4 key areas
  • Design
  • Operational management
  • Reducing energy costs
  • CRC compliance

Track and trace PUE “power usage affectivness”, CUE “carbon” and WUE “water”

Monitor building environmental performance, including heat, power and CFD analysis

Monitor down to socket level

Demonstrate social and economic responsibility

Meet legislative requirements – or suffer fines!

Uses class one live metering

Please feel free to call David Taylor or Ian Hunt to find out more to arrange a meeting or emailed presentation on 01344 752222