Fibre Technologies (FTL) and Isoscan haveworked with each other on and off for nearly 10 years now, and each thereforeunderstands how the other operates.

Following the retirement of Isoscan MD Malcolm Wright, FTL will continue tomanufacture, deliver, deploy and maintain the currently installed base whichIsoscan has developed over the last 18 years. Existing customers will see nochange in how they are handled as an account. Neil McCoy,Technical Director of Isoscan, will join FTL and will continue to be thetechnical driving force of the Isoscan range of products and services.

FTL has been in the telecoms market for more than 20 years, and has seen thechanges of building security solutions move increasingly into the Ethernetspace. The acquisition of Isoscan instantly provides the company with 18years of security experience.

New, existing, and potential customers will benefit from continual productimprovements and enhancements that are planned within the current roadmap. “TheIsoscan range is very adaptable from an off-the-shelf product, has an 18-yearproven track record, and is fitted in many of the UK’s county councils, carmanufacturing plants, logistic warehousing units, and data centres,” says FTL’sIan Hunt. “The acquisition will provide uswith the ultimate solution for our current and new networking solutioncustomers. Not only can we connect the building, we can now also provide thebuilding security”.