Over the last two decades Ethernet has become the dominant technology for data transmission in fixed line and mobile networks because of its simple installation/maintenance and efficient share of bandwidth. Ethernet technology has been built up in parallel to existing TDM (Time Division Multiplex) networks based on PDH or SDH. These networks are used especially for clock and voice transportation. In fixed networks an accurate clock is needed for high quality voice and video services and in addition to mobile networks it is needed for voice hand over procedures between different mobile cells.
The major task to make your network competitive and future proof is building up one network platform which merges all advantages and benefits of Ethernet- and TDM networks. The solution is Synchronous Ethernet or SyncE.

This tendency was recognized early on by arcutronix and with its deep experience in both, Ethernet and TDM a family of advanced SyncE solutions was created. With SyncE solutions from arcutronix you do have the best of Ethernet and TDM in one platform – Optimized usage of bandwidth due to packet data plus accurate clock-/frequency transport with SDH accuracy. An additional advantage of this combination is that the packet loss of old Ethernet with different clocks at the devices does no longer exist.

SyncE = optimized Bandwidth + high quality for all services + better efficiency.

With the Next Generation Ethernet Demarcation Device ENX and the Multi-Protocol Transponder FCX4G and FCX10G, arcutronix synchronizes your Ethernet.