The aim wasto provide an insight into Fibre optics theory, health & safety concernswhen working with Fibre optics and then to combine it with hands on practicalfor 12 delegates, to enable them to work confidently with their own Fibreinfrastructure

During theweek, the delegates who had very little experience with the ?dark art? of Fibreoptics, learnt how to handle armoured multi core cable, the importance ofinspection and cleaning of Fibre cables (especially in their industry), lightloss and what impact it has on transmission, how to test for loss andconnectivity and finally how to prepare multi core Fibre cables prior to joiningthem using Fusion Splicing techniques

With thisinitial training under their belts both companies are now in a good position toinstall and maintain their own Fibre optic infrastructure with confidence andit also provides them with a good basis to consider any accredited training,should it be a future requirement