The Innbox portfolio comprises a wide range of Customer Premises Equipment (CPEs) and Terminals designed to allow the creation of multi-play service bundles for the broadband connected home. It covers a variety of business models and access technologies.

Innbox is designed by the vision of making the broadband connected home a source of profit for service providers and a source of quality services for the end-users.

Iskratel embedded technology enables a powerful, industry-leading performance of the CPE products in the market. The award-winning products built upon over 60 years of experience in an telecomunications industry are still evolving and maturing.

Innbox Home Gateways

Iskratel’s HGws are ready for complex network settings anduser needs. They ensure the full set of connectivity features:

  • a full throughput over a network interface with the support of a firewall,
  • TR-069, a DHCP server, a PPPoE client, a VLAN,
  • other advanced features customized and adapted to the specific needs.

The Iskratel Innbox Home Gateways CPE product family allowService Providers to deliver an ever growing variety of broadband applicationsto the end-users, through the widest choice of fixed and wireless accesstechnologies (ADSL,VDSL, Fiber, Ethernet, WiMAX).


Innbox V50
Innbox A40

Innbox Network Termination & Extension

The Innbox Network Termination & Extension productsdevices include only basic functionalities, i.e., optical/ electricalconversion to help minimize technology obsolescence.
Moreover, the device has been designed for reliability by using onlyhigh-quality parts.
Innbox Network Termination & Extension products with an optical networkterminal, offering a single appliance for Fiber-to-the-Premises Connectionswhich meets full home networking and in-home media distribution needs.
Iskratel’s NT&E devices allows their management via an extension ofstandard Ethernet operations, administration and maintenance (Ethernet OAM)protocol, without the need for an IP address.


Innbox F28
Innbox C20
Innbox C30

Innbox Media Center

The Iskratel Innbox Media Center represents a new generationmultimedia experience, by supporting a variety of TV distribution platformssuch as IPTV and Internet TV, integrating the facility for personal multimediaentertaiment.

InnBox Media Center equipment with an ethernet input andflexible video and audio output introduces high performance solution byadvanced video decoder H.264/AVC engines. This provides our customers, ISPs orTelecoms, a cost effective way to deliver sophisticated interactive digitaltelevision service including multicast streaming, video on demand, Internetaccess, etc.


Innbox HD30